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Friday, July 2, 2010

A really fun day! :D

*Random note: Japanese TV is ridiculously hilarious and funny!! I love it! It's so interesting!*

My second day in Akita was really awesome thanks to my first host family! I woke up really happy remembering that I was in Akita! For some reason my body has had a natural alarm clock for around 6 AM! Every morning I wake up really early automatically! It's around 5:00 pm in America when I wake up. Almost the exact opposite!

After eating the delicious breakfast they had, i relaxed around the house until they told me we were going out. My host dad, my older sister, Sang Yi, and I all headed out to the car and started our fun day. The first place we went to seemed to be like a small museum. It was all about kamakura! There was a viewing box in the wall and there was this little 3D movie in the wall of children playing in a kamakura. My sister completely translated the whole thing for me! She was really quick too! :P After that we watched a small movie about Akita and all of the seasons. Then we headed to the back where there were coats hanging on a rack. I was wondering why they had coats when it was so hot and then my family told me to put it on and follow them. We entered a room that was sealed with high tech protective doors and then waited for it to close behind us. Then we entered the next door into a FREEZING cold room! It was so cool! And there was a real kamakura in there! Apparently they make one every year and keep it in that sealed cold room. We got to go inside the kamakura and take some pictures. It was really fun :D! After that we headed to a building that was model of a castle. It was really nice and looked like an actual
traditional castle! It was apparently another place that was famous for its association with the famous Korean drama, "Iris." Apparently because of that drama, Akita gets a lot of Korean tourists! After the castle we headed to a "Panya" (Bakery) where my family bought all kinds of pastries that we would eat the next day for breakfast! It smelled really good xD! Next was lunch where I ate delicious ramen with my family! We all shared and tried each others. There was an original flavor, a spicy flavor, a soy sauce based flavor, and a miso based flavor! It was really delicious and my family made fun of me for not being able to make the slurping noise (which is NOT rude at all in Japan!) After lunch we went to a big museum-like building with so many things to do! When we entered the building my sister checked the map and tried to figure out where we were. After figuring it out we headed to a store where we could make Ohashi, (chopsticks). We could choose betwen the starting color of black or red and then we began the process. Basically we slowly scratched off paint and there were layers and layers of maybe 4 colors. They look really cool! Ill try to remember to take a picture of them. After this we had trouble finding wonder castle, but that's where my sister wanted to go. When we found it we went in and talked to the lady at the counter. Then we headed to the elevator. I don't really know how to describe wonder castle except for it's full of illusions! We took so many pictures of ridiculous looking things that seemed sort of real on the camera! It was so interesting and funny! At the end there was a HUGE, REALLY TALL slide! It was the tallest slide I've ever seen in my life! You literally fell straight down! My sister and Sang Yi were really scared but I convinced them
to do it with me. It was such a crazy feeling in my stomach! After the slide we went to get icecream :). I had vanilla ice cream with coffee jello in the bottom. Apparently coffee jello is a popular dessert! It is actually delicious! :P
Next we headed to a big デパート(Depato - department store) where I bought a jump drive for all of the pictures I'm going to take in Japan . After that we headed to a deli and then to a grocery store where my sister took pictures of me with food I've never seen/eaten before (you guys in America would probably think it's gross! Haha). Later on after dinner, which was yakisoba and tofu, I went on a walk with Muku, my sister, and Sang Yi. It was such a nice night. The westher was perfect! We talked a lot about all kinds of things... It was so nice. :D Later that night I spent a lot of time with my mom and Sang Yi. It was really really nice to be able to sit down and just talk! It was one of my first all Japanese conversations, I guess sort of preparing me for the rest of my stay in Japan. The next day I would be heading to school and saying bye to my host family.

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