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Friday, July 2, 2010

秋田 - あきた - Akita

Akita is a prefecture in northern Japan known for its delicious rice, amazing mountains, and beautiful women. (haha)

Seriously I think Akita could quite possibly be the most beautiful place in Japan! I really do want to live here for a whole year so I can see all of the amazing things that the change of seasons brings to Akita.

In the fall all of the leaves look so beautiful, especially around the samurai houses in かくのだて(Kakunodate)! There is also a huge festival in September where huge float like things are pulled on a rope by tons of men and they crash them into each other! It might sound weird but it looks so interesting and fun!

In the winter Akita gets a lot of snow, and snow is one of my most favorite things ever! Akita is famous for its かまくら (Kamakura) which are sort of like igloos. They have a huge festival with tons of kamakura every winter and they build them and make mochi inside! Children all across Akita make kamakura too! I actually got to see a real one in a sealed room in a museum. They make one every year and keep it in a FREEZING cold room! It was so amazing!

In the spring all of the sakura trees blossom. The pictures I have seen are incredibly beautiful! My host parents say that Akita's sakura are really pretty and they wish I could see them! They also make sakura mochi, which my mom says is really really delicious! Tabetai! I want to eat it! I really do wish I could stay here all year!

Akita is full of beautiful mountains and rice fields that make amazing reflections of the sky and mountains surrounding them. The sunset always looks so incredible on the mountains. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a dream and I'm not actually seeing these amazing sights! It's indescribable :P

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