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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watashi ha hosutofamiri ni denwa wo kakete!

Oh my gosh... I just got off the most nerve-wracking and most amazing phone call I've ever been on! I called my host family!!! That was so amazing... I can't even explain my feelings right now! All I can say is that my host mother is really nice and she has such a nice soft-spoken voice! My phone conversation went a little like this:
(all in Japanese)

Kumiko: Hello?
Me: Hello!
Kumiko: Yes!
Me: Good morning! I am the American exchange student! How do you do? Nice to meet you! I'm really excited! (she laughs a little bit) I have been studying Japanese for 2 years so my Japanese isn't very good yet.
Kumiko: NO! Your Japanese is very very good!! :)
Me: No, no (laugh). I have some questions
Kumiko: Yes?
Me: What is my little brother's name?
Kumiko: Shinya
Me: Could you please say that again?
Kumiko: Shi-n-ya
Me: Shi-n-ya?
Kumiko: Yes! It is Shi-n-ya.
Me: Thank you! Also, do you have an email address?
Kumiko: Hai! ...pause... I don't really know how to say...
Me: Yes! It's okay! Lastly, do you speak any English?
Kumiko:Hm.... I'm not good at all! (laugh)
Me: It's okay!
Kumiko: Yes! Thank you so much!!
Me: I would love to speak with you again! Goodbye!
Kumiko: Goodbye!

She was so nice!! I felt so dumb at times... even though I wrote a script I was still stuttering because I was so nervous! But it was so worth it!

A couple things I need to note: The Japanese word for yes is "Hai!" and they say it a lot more often than we do. It is more like an expression sometimes. It sort of can also have the double meaning of "go ahead!" Also, it might seem like she wasn't polite after the translation to English, but she was so kind! I can't wait to finally meet my family! I'm so excited! :D


  1. That is so cool! That's it, I'm mustering up my courage and calling my host family tomorrow night! lol

  2. Awww, Evan I'm so excited for you. Kumiko-san sounds so nice. Hope you won't be weeding any rice fields because you'll fry like a fish! Remember sunscreen!!!!!!!!!!!