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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Akita! :D

I just got this email during school! :D

"To YFU students from abroad,

Welcome to Japan. I am Mr. Yuichi Sato, area representative of YFU Japan, which has decided to place you in my area. I live in Akita Prefecture, which is located in the northeastern part of the main island and faces the Sea of Japan.

I am writing you to express our hearty welcome to you and to inform you that you will be accepted by a nearby senior high school. You will go to school from Monday through Friday. It will be good opportunities to experience a Japanese school life and to make friends with students there.

The following items will be necessary when you go to school. If you possibly have them, it may be wise of you to bring them with you when you come to Japan.

(1) A pair of sports shoes (, which you will be expected to wear only inside the school building; clean white tennis shoes or ones like them are good)
(2) Some pairs of white socks (plain sports type)
(3) Sports wear (which you need in PE class)

As for school uniforms, your host family or the school will arrange them if they are necessary for you.

Your host family is really looking forward to seeing you soon.


Yuichi Sato
Area Representative of YFU Japan

******************************************* Yuichi Sato*******************************************"

I'm so excited! Apparently YFU has all of my host family information but they won't give it to us until we figure out what is going on with the IFC scholarship money... I want to know as soon as possible!!

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