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Friday, May 28, 2010

I can't believe it!

I can't believe it! I'm actually going to Japan!!! After such a roller coaster ride my dream has finally come true! So here's the story: Since the beginning of the year I was wishing I could participate on an exchange to Japan. After finding YFU I quickly signed up for the full-ride scholarships with my twin brother Erik. After spending almost 5 hours on the scholarship essays, I sent in my application and began my long wait. There was a small problem though; my Dad was planning on getting married sometime in June and the departure date was unknown. We decided to wait it out and see the results! After waiting for what seemed like forever I had an in person interviewer. My interviewer was really kind and we had a LOT in common. The interview went really well! After the interview, I began what seems like the longest wait of my life. We were told we would be notified in April of our scholarship status. April came... and passed... and still no response. One day on my way to a tennis match I got a text from my Dad stating that we were "alternates." We didn't make it. Just a few days ago I heard that YFU might have had leftover scholarships that they were giving out! I quickly called and they told me that they MIGHT have one left, and that they would get back to me later that night. After my Mom talked to her she found out that we were GREAT applicants and that they were going to choose us, but they thought that we couldn't come because of my Dad's wedding so they couldn't pick us. How frustrating?! The whole time we were looked upon as great applicants but we weren't even considered... they automatically put us on the alternate's list. Literally two minutes after the phone call with our admissions counselor my Mom got a call... they had TWO SPOTS! For US! We got in! There was a problem though; we received a scholarship that paid for the whole trip, except for $2500. We thought we wouldn't be able to go, but we desperately started our rushed attempt to earn/receive the money we needed for the trip. After an extremely generous series of gifts and loans from my awesome family and an awesome scholarship from my school's International Friendship Committee, we reached our goal! I cannot explain how grateful I am for all of these blessings! My prayers were answered! :D

Here's the catch: we leave on THE SIXTH for New York! We will stay the night for an orientation, and the next morning take a flight to California for another two-day orientation. Then... we will take a flight to TOKYO JAPAN! :) I can't believe this is all happening... I don't even think I have fully processed it all but I am so grateful and thankful for all the help and so excited for my dream to finally come true! :D


  1. Evan I am soo glad you and Erik got into this. I was cheering for you guys. I hope you both have an awesome time in Japan and I'll keep you updated from home, because I know how much you two will miss me! Have a super-awesome time.
    <3 Amanda

  2. I'm so happy you guys get to go! Have you gotten your flight schedule yet? Or a host family?

  3. Thanks guys! And Kevin- not yet! I'll let you know as soon as I figure out! I'm so excited!